Welcome to my Humble Blog

Welcome and thanks for taking the time to pop in and visit. Although I filled in a brief overview about myself on the relevant page I felt it would be worth just mentioning a little bit more on this main webpage so everyone knows what the site plans to be around.

I have worked in the golf industry for most of my life in various different positions and roles. I am not going to go into all of them as many are under confidential contracts that I had to sign. For those who do not play the game – this probably will not be the most interesting blog you have ever visited but you might find some interesting parts anyway :-) The golfers among the visitors should find the content here both interesting and intriguing as you capture a glimpse of the golfing world from behind the scenes.  Most of the top club companies are into the billions when it comes to turnover making them serious contenders in the business size departments! I was a small cog in a big wheel but working there enabled me to learn a lot about the business as well as get in to meet some of the worlds best players.

My primary role was logistics and when you are moving hundreds of thousands of pieces per month to 140 countries it does become quite an involved process. Also, different parts are shipped from separate countries and they have to meet somewhere to be assembled and that complicates matters depending on the destination country. Once a system is up and running it does become slightly easier but one small mistake can delay things and potentially cost millions of dollars in lost revenue. I spent a fair amount of years working on golf ball distribution – something that is far less interesting that the club section but it is interesting to see how golf balls are made. Check out the video below!


Hobbies of mine do include golf although it did become more “work” than “play” at a stage in my life making it less appealing. I really do enjoy a good hike though, with time in the mountains and my tent I find it the best way to unwind and look after the soul. I try and get away at least 3 or 4 times a year to keep me sane!!

I think that is enough for now but I hope you will check back and keep following me as I highlight some of the challenges in my career and present a small insight into one of the largest sports industries in the world.



Suffering from Allergies and Humidity

It is hard to get much worse than (aside from cancer or something) a constant problem suffering from allergies. Allergies can include sneezing, running noses, post nasal drips getting worse into sinusitis and headaches. People seem to have varying degrees of allergies to the point where it can cause major problems in their lives affecting well being and happiness. I even know of a school friend who lost several jobs due to allergies which led to a generally lethargy and problems with sleeping that affected all the projects he was working with.

I suppose it is just really unlucky if you happen to be in the category of people that suffer then the first thing you need to do is to identify the cause. Some doctors have a small scratch test on the arm (I am not sure if I believe the results though) that can give you some clues which of the following may be the cause – plants or dust and molds etc. I also believe that the quality of the air around you makes a large difference so you might need to keep an eye on the humidity levels around your home. If you find its really bad you can get a whole house humidifier system installed or ducted right throughout your home – check over here for some examples to get an idea of what we are talking about.

If you have a small child then infant health can also be affected by bad humidity levels within the home so you need to make sure you keep a close watch in the internal levels to allow you to adjust as necessary. There is nothing worse than a baby that has constant disturbances throughout the night and prevents the whole family from sleeping. If you are starting to experience any problems like this then it is important to get them sorted ASAP.

Finding out that the culprit which is causing the problem is dust causes you to ensure you spend more time cleaning out dirt within the home. When this happens you would also want to try and get rid of as much rubbish and unwanted stuff as you can and keep a straightforward tidy home to avoid any area which maybe prone to dust collection. Electronics normally cause electrostatic problems which attracts plenty of dust so don’t forget to make sure your computer is located away from your bedroom.

Flowers and plants can be more of a problem as you might find it tough to work out which was is affecting you. Obviously, you cannot go and remove half the garden so you will need to get help from an expert or try to work it out for yourself with help online. The season can also be relevant so make sure you factor that in. If you find it is during harvest time when there is a lot of pollen floating about then you might just have to take some antihistamines and try and live through it – when farmers are harvesting in the fields the pollen will spread far and wide (especially if it is windy) and there is really nothing that can be done – apart from moving of course!


Getting an Optishot

Having spent a lot of time working with some of the best players in the world of golf I quickly learned that practice is really the key to this (hard!) game. I know that’s obvious and there are some people that have awesome natural abilities but even those will reach a point in their game where they have to put in some serious work to see improvement.

Now, if like me you life in the USA (Northern Half) you may find that there are months when you cannot play due to weather over winter. This is a serious hamper to game improvement and makes it almost impossible to maintain any sort of consistency which leads me to the title of this post in getting yourself a decent home golf simulator so you can ramp up your practice time. My personal preference (and affordability considered) is the Optishot from Dancin Dogg which has everything you need for a home installation. You can see the product and understand a little more about it by watching the video below.

As you can see the product comes with all the information you need to work hard at sorting out your golf swing. Important feedback is as follows

  • Swing Speed
  • Swing Path
  • Face Angle at Impact
  • Shot Distance

Just these basic four numbers can help you figure out a lot about your swing and perhaps zero in on problematic areas that need some work. If you put in the time with this you are guaranteed to drop a couple of shots off your handicap!

To get the whole setup working you will need a decent sized indoor area as well as a computer with fairly reasonable graphics card. Screen can be anything from a normal PC monitor up to a full sized wall projector (which gives the best experience by far!). The Optishot will not work at all outside as the sensors are designed around infra-red and will be affected by sunlight so you have to make a plan somewhere inside.

This may all sound like a lot of work and expense but compared to attending regular golf lessons with a PGA pro this is a much cheaper option and allows you more practice time as you can work on your golf swing day or night!